Product of the Month

Sutcliffe Play's new MINITOWN range has us all excited this month!

This range of multi-play units adds to our Minitown panel range and is based around the same angled posts of the panels, this gives this range it's distinctive look and using these angled posts also gives the impression of a much bigger visual impact than the actual deck sizes may imply.

At a maximum deck height of 595 mm this system doesn't require surfacing when installed on to grass, only a requirement for wear pads of grass mat. The deck is 750 x 600 mm, however with angled posts the side panels are larger towards the top giving more area for activities.

With five activities on a one tower unit this system has great play value and value for money, activities include:

  • Stainless steel slide
  • Pogo climb
  • Cat/dog panel
  • Wriggler steps
  • Peg climb
  • Arch bridge with two rolling flowers
  • Wriggler balance in 3 sections
  • Optical Spinning Spiral
  • Spinning Windmill Feature door with grab handles
  • Marble run game
  • Sink with plug and drainer
  • Cooker with control knobs
  • Partial roof
  • Upper windows
  • Bird motif
  • Daffodil talk tube
  • Hide-hole under deck
  • Pots & Pans wall

See more on Sutcliffe's website here